Easing On Down the Road

Remember the song “Ease on Down the Road” from The Wiz (by Charlie Smalls)? I’ve been humming it a lot lately, because it describes where I am with my novel and where I expect to be for quite a while. I’m behind my expected word count because some necessary business kept me away for a few days, and I’m behind in the work I need to be doing in my day job for focusing on this (classes start in FOUR WEEKS!), so I’ve dropped my expected word count down to one page a day: 250 words. I really hope I can do that, but even if I can I’ll be only about halfway done with the first draft by the end of the year. Gah! But still – if I’m making progress at all, I will be fine with that. As the song says:

Pick your right foot up when your left one’s down.

You just keep on movin’, don’t you lose no ground.

Though the road you’re walking may be hard sometimes,

You just keep on stepping and you’ll be just fine.


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