When you find yourself in a hole . . .

Stop digging. That’s the well-known First Law of Holes. Right now, though, I think I need to turn this law on its head. I’m pretty deep in a hole, but I really need to keep digging!

Life has happened in the last week or so – family vacation, frantic prep for courses to begin next week, and some general late-summer doldrums. The result is that I’m way behind in my word count 4,000 words behind! But I can’t just quit. I have to keep digging, in the sense that I have to keep wacking at those words. I am determined to build myself a bridge to dig myself out of that hole. Wish me luck!

LATER – I’m on my way back out. I wrote 1,000 extra words today, so I’m only down a mere 3,000. Progress!

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