Curse You, Sir Isaac Newton!

Newton  No, of course I don’t really mean that. Sir Isaac is one of my big heroes, someone who helped to bring enlightenment and reason into the western world. But right now I have a bone to pick with him – or more specifically, with his first law of motion. You know the one: “A body at rest tends to remain at rest.” That is so totally me, and a big issue I have with working on the blasted book.

No, I don’t mean that either – the book is not blasted. What it is, is stalled. And that’s because I had completely, absolutely valid reasons for not working on it for a few days. We were moving in to the last couple of weeks of classes. I had papers and finals to grade. And, of course, Christmas was coming. Gifts weren’t going to buy themselves, cookies not bake themselves, the tree not decorate itself, the festive meal with family not plan itself. So, I stopped. My goal was just a couple of hundred words a day, after all – not so much I can’t make it up later.

Well, now it’s later. Wwaaaaayyy later. The problem is with Newton’s law. Once I miss one day, it’s easier to miss the next day. Once I miss a few days, it’s harder and harder to get started again.

Christmas is over. New Year’s is coming, but that’s not as big a deal in my household – those family members who are in town get together to play board games, watch movies, and eat junk food until midnight, and then we pack it in. I don’t believe in resolutions – plans, yes, but nothing special for that one day on the calendar.

So here’s my end-of-December resolution: BISHOK (butt in seat, hands on keyboard) at least three days each week, with at least 1200 words each week. that should be doable, surely. I’ll post my weekly total here each Sunday night (or maybe Monday morning, depending on how things work out). I know, you’ve heard this kind of thing from me before, and so have I. We’ll just have to see if I can manage to stick with it this time!

2 thoughts on “Curse You, Sir Isaac Newton!

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