Maps  Still working on the revised roadmap for my book, but making progress!

I have found several wonderful resources:

  • A series of posts by writer and blogger Larry Brooks on his Storyfix blog about inciting incidents and how they’re different from the first plot point. This really helped me to identify the actual first plot point of my story.
  • A collection of beat sheets and scene worksheets put out by Jami Gold on her Beach Reads with Bite site, which I am using to work on the overall plan and the scene-by-scene plan.
  • From Michael Hague via Janice Hardy’s Fiction University site, a six-part plot structure that feels like it will work well for me.

I’m really rethinking how the structure all fits together, but the great news is – it doesn’t look like I’ll need to throw out much of what I’ve done. Just a little tweaking, and I’ll be headed in a new direction with more confidence, and a good map. Yay!

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