Pothole  Potholes – I ran into a couple recently.

One was the flu. At least, I’m pretty sure it’s the flu, though I didn’t get tested so I could be wrong. Sunday afternoon I started feeling bad and by Sunday night my fever was up to 101, and it stayed up there until last night. I’ve been home from work for four days, which I believe is a personal record for me (and that’s over 27 years on the job). Being home would have given me lots of time for writing, except that the fever and the the usual hit-by-a-bus feeling left me good for nothing but coughing and watching TV with my eyes glazed over. Seriously, I couldn’t even manage reading. I’m doing better today and might even be at work tomorrow. I can’t express how happy that makes me.

The other pothole, the one that was looming before the fever hit and is still waiting there fore me, is a plot hole. My next deadline, which I haven’t missed yet, is to establish the major set pieces and beats in my story. I’ve kind of done that, only not really. I think I know the big ones (the inciting incident, the first plot point (end of Act 1), the midpoint turn, the second plot point (end of Act 2), and the climax. The problem is there are enough glaring holes on both sides of the midpoint that I’m not secure about it. Unless I can convince myself that I know enough about the complications that happen in Act 2, I’m not really ready to drive those stakes into the ground. So that was my focus before I got sick, and is going to be my focus now.

So, I’m off to sip tea with lemon and honey and see how long I can think about plot structure and character arcs before I have to go soak in some TV for a while. Lordy, but it feels good to have some brain cells firing again.

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