Story Questions

BlackboardQuestion  So many questions!

I’ve opened all the aspects of my story to possible revisions – except for the actual climax, which I see clearly and want to drive the story toward. But I’m re-figuring everything about how to get there. The characters are in flux, and the plot points, and even the basic through line, though that’s not going to change in a major way. I keep erasing and revising. But I’m determined to meet my next goal, which is on Sunday, just 3 days from now. Aaaaah! How am I going to make it?

Part of it is that I want to make sure I can draw a line that goes from Point A to Point C . Point A is the point where my main character is thrown off balance, so that her way of coping with her life challenges just isn’t working any more, so she starts trying to figure out how to hold on the things she’s familiar with. Point C is the climax, where she uses strengths that were barely hinted at in the beginning to overcome weaknesses that she started out clinging to fiercely, saving the day and demonstrating that she has become a new, stronger person. Everything in between needs to follow a logical progression, so that each step leads inevitably (but surprisingly) to the next step, getting her deeper and deeper into trouble the more she tries to solve her problems until she finally commits herself completely to her new reality.

Easy to say. Hard to do! I’m still working on it.

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