New Number — 32

32  I’ve found my number!

For now, anyway.

After my angst about having just 19 chapters – 19!! Intolerable!! – I went back and split things up differently. Some chapters were mapped out with two separate scenes, each of which advanced the plot in significant ways and ended with a bit of a surprising turn. Others were just one scene, plus some reaction and transition stuff. When I restructured things so that each of these separate scenes was a separate chapter, the number turned out to e 32. I like this number. It’s a pleasant, elegant number. I think I can live with it.

As I said — for now. As things progress, everything can be adjusted! I’m able to move forward, though, feeling like I’m grounded, as I work on my character arcs. Each of the main characters and some of the more influential secondary characters, including antagonists, gets an arc. I will have them mapped out by my Sunday deadline.

Do you have a longer work (novel or nonfiction) that you’re planning? If so, how many chapters do you have? How did you arrive at that number?

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