Looking Back

LookingatMyBlog  Well, well – 50 posts!

WordPress reminded me as I submitted my last post that it was my 51st. Go me!

In honor of this milestone, I decided to do something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, which is set up categories for the messages I’m posting here, and then go back and categorize all my previous posts. (Active avoidance is a powerful force, and I must remember to use it only for Good.) So I did this, and I realized something —

Most of my posts are pointless.

In the first few weeks I did a lot of whining. Why can’t I write more? Why is it so hard? How many words did I write this week? Why didn’t I write more? To be honest, I probably wouldn’t read most of what I wrote here. At least 90% of those 50 posts were in the category WIP Progress, a topic that’s probably only of interest to me. They tell writers to write what they would like to read, and I’m going to apply that to my blog here as well.

So from now on, I’ll broaden my interests a little. I’ll write about what’s going on with me and in the world in general a little more. I’ll comment on books I’m reading and TV shows I’m watching (and maybe also movies, though I don’t watch as many movies). I’ll share things about my kids and my work. Not obsessively and not every day, but more than before. And less whining. I promise!

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