NaNoWriMo Step 6: Characters

Step 6   Character Arcs

Better late, I guess. I’ve gone through and mapped out the story lines for five characters (all the major ones except for the main character, who’s so thoroughly mapped by now she doesn’t need it). It was a useful exercise, since it tightened my story by eliminating a character who didn’t have much to do and was turning into an unconvincing romantic interest. As a result I’ll have to restructure some of the scenes/chapters I’ve laid out, but that will be happening in the next month as I plan the beginning, middle, and end of my novel. I’m expecting to be able to spend more time on these tasks since classes are now done and final grades will be submitted by the end of this week. So although I missed this deadline by a few days I consider myself still on track.

Part of coming to live more and more deeply inside my story was creating a cover for the book. I am SO not a designer, and I have not the slightest belief that, should I be lucky enough to get published, the final cover design will resemble this in any way. Still, having a picture like this to look at helps me see the story as real. It’s the same reason I have spent hours scouring the webz for images of people who look like my characters: I can look at them while I write about them. So anyway, for your enjoyment and delight, I present the first look at what is sure to be nothing at all like the eventual cover of my book:

CoverWhat do you think? I have to admit that dropping my name on there was a little bit of an emotional moment for me.

Progress so far:

  • 3/1/15: Set the goal (a full 50,000-word draft, or half a novel?) – On time
  • 3/8/15: Develop my one-sentence pitch line – Early
  • 3/22/15: Establish major set pieces/beats – On time
  • 4/12/15: Develop a rough synopsis – On time
  • 5/3/15: Complete a rough outline or scene sketch – On time
  • 5/17/15: Map out each character’s story line – Late 😦
  • 5/31/15: Plan the beginning of the novel, from opening scene to first major turn
  • 6/14/15: Plan the middle of the novel, including all the twists and complications leading to the ending
  • 6/28/15: Plan the ending of the novel, including the climax and the final resolution
  • 6/30/15: Get all my logistics in place (word-count log, file formats, backups, and so on)

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