Hello, Facebook!

FB-f-Logo__blue_1024I’ve had a personal page for a long time now, but I haven’t posted there from this blog (not publicly, anyway).

Until now.

I didn’t want my friends and family to have to see all the posts I put up here for my author’s journey. Some might be interested, but others not, and they’ll just plug up everyone’s news feed and create annoyance. But today I created a new page just for WordWacker. All my blog posts should be showing up there (we’ll see if this one does). It’s also a place where I can post shorter notices and musings that aren’t worth a whole blog post. As I go into Camp NaNo in a few days, I’ll be posting daily on there with word counts and inspirational messages.

Interested? If so, please like my WordWacker Facebook page. I’d love to see you over there!

1 thought on “Hello, Facebook!

  1. It didn’t work as expected: my blog post just showed up on my main timeline, clogging everyone’s news feed. So I will still be using the Facebook fan page for notices, short updates, and such, but not for the blog posts themselves. Since you’re already here on this blog, that should work out well – there will be less overlap between the two, so it’s totally worth your while to like the WordWacker page!

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