Invisible Victories #photochallenge

StudentsThis week’s photo challenge was to express victory in a photograph. It appeared on Friday 11/13 – the same day as the horrible terrorist attacks in Paris (and just three days after the equally horrible attacks in Beirut). When thinking of victory, I immediately thought of the people of those cities, and all those who face violence in their daily lives. Just getting out into the world is a victory for these people, and I salute them for it. But I can’t get to Paris or Beirut or Syria or any of these places to photograph people facing down their nightmares. What can I photograph to illustrate this idea? But then I looked closer to home, and found victory happening every day right under my nose. Continue reading


On Location

I had an exciting experience today: I visited the location where important parts of my story take place, to get a deeper sense of place and atmosphere. I can strongly recommend the experience to anyone who has that opportunity. After driving for 2 hours, taking 200+ photos, capturing ambient sounds, and spending nearly an hour tramping around and soaking up the feel of the place, I can say it was absolutely worth it. Continue reading

The Ornate World: Fractals and Complexity #photochallenge

This week’s WordPress photo challenge is to celebrate the ornate. Where do we find complexity and complication, and find it beautiful? What make complexity beautiful, at least for me, is when there is a pattern behind the complexity. Something that makes each shape inevitable, even as the whole is intricate and surprising. This is one of the hallmarks of fractals, and perhaps of good writing as well.

Continue reading

Getting Out There, Part 2 #IWSG

InsecureWritersSupportGroupIt’s time for my November check-in with the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, the lovely mutual aid society that connects those of us struggling with our words. This month’s awesome co-hosts are Stephen Tremp, Karen Walker, Denise Covey, and Tyrean Martinson. Thanks to the whole support group!

I’m a lot less insecure right now than I was 24 hours ago, because I did it – I read from my work to others for the very first time at the monthly meeting of R-SPEC. I promised last month that I would, and I did!  From this experience I learned three important things. Continue reading

Treat #photochallenge

TreatThis week’s WordPress photo challenge is to display a treat or indulgence, something that brings us happiness. This one was easy! Sitting in my easy chair with a favorite book, a small glass of something nice (sherry, perhaps), by the window where sunlight is filtered through trees . . . heaven.  I don’t have a meaningful essay to add here, except to wish all of you something that helps your soul unfold as this does for me. Enjoy.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Treat.”