All the Colors #photochallenge

Flags-bigMonroe Community College, where I teach, welcomes students from all over the world, and our student center displays flags from countries they represent. The vibrant colors in these flags mirror the vibrant experiences our international students bring to the classroom. Continue reading


Questions? Ask Me #photochallenge

QuestionButtonThis is the start of a new college semester where I teach. I wear this button on the first few days, to invite new students to ask for help as they try to find their way around a very confusing place. Today, I’m thinking about optimism and new beginnings. Continue reading

Looking for Letters in All the Strange Places #Photochallenge

MyAlphabetThis weeks’ WordPress Photo Challenge is to find the alphabet in the world around us, and that’s what I did. It’s been a scavenger hunt, looking at everything in this new and slightly strange way: Does that look like a letter? What if I turned it upside down, or cropped it just right, or looked at it from a different angle . . . It stretched my brain. Continue reading

Look Up #photochallenge

LightsThese are the lights that hang in the foyer at the Clover Center for Arts and Spirituality in Rochester, NY. I attended a concert there recently and was fascinated by this lovely array of hanging globes. I took more than a dozen photos of those lights. It was days later, though, that I realized the lights had even more meaning than what I saw in them that night. Continue reading