Temporary Beauty

Small, fragile, temporary beauty. That’s something I resonate with, in any season. The grand sweep of creation is wonderful, but what really draws me in is the close-up of a single, tiny detail.

For me, spring is about the first tender shoots poking bravely into the chilly sunlight. Summer is a droplet clinging to a flower petal after the rain. Fall’s glory paints whole vistas, but what I’m taking photos of is a cluster of berries brightening a bare tree behind my house. In winter, what draws me away from my snuggly blanket is not the white hillside but the monochromatic etching of snow on branches just behind my deck.

As I capture these images with my trusty phone camera, I keep coming back to a blog post that’s stuck with me for more than a year. John Scalzi, science fiction author and excellent blogger, posted a lovely essay: It’s All Beautiful and Nothing Lasts. In it he reminds us that life is wonderful, and we need to enjoy it, all the parts of it, right now, because it’s the nature of the universe that nothing will remain unchanged. Read his essay; it says it all better than I could, which is why I’m still thinking of it today.

That’s how I feel about those brave daffodil shoots, buried now under inches of snow; of the lilacs now dormant; of the berries the robins ate a week ago to get them through the winter; even the snow on the branches, long since fallen. I love these little moments, and I photograph them, and then they are gone. The seasons change, and so do we. That is what life is all about.

In response to the WordPress photo challenge: Seasons

11 thoughts on “Temporary Beauty

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  2. Nothing like the little things, the small moments and tiny miracles of existence that we easily forget to notice. Thanks for the reminder to be present for them all.

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