On the Path

PathWhat’s been happening with the novel lately? I’ve been talking about other things (Photo Challenges, Flash Fiction Contests) and not so much about the book. Here’s the update about where I am on that path.

Short answer: I’m making progress. Now for the longer answer.

The first draft of the novel got written last summer during Camp NaNoWriMo. Then back in January I did my first revision pass on Chapter 1 and submitted it to my critique group, where I got a lot of helpful feedback. After that I did more revision on that chapter, and then last week I heard from my critique group again. One more round of revisions (smaller ones this time), and Chapter 1 is now put to bed for this pass. I’ve moved on to making revisions to Chapter 2, which I hope to submit to the group next week. We’ll see how that goes. Once I get through all the chapters in this pass, I’ll be done with my first revision, and it will be time to start on the second.

So yes, I’m on the path and moving along, but it’s slow. I miss the July focus that allowed me to give my writing top priority, so that I could blast through the whole novel and get to 68,000 words by mid-August. I probably won’t be able to reach that intensity until I get to July again. *sigh*  But as long as I’m moving forward, I’m not going to worry about it.

On to Chapter 2!


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