Flash Fiction 5: From the Beginning

FlashFictionThis week I submitted my fifth entry in Janet Reid’s flash fiction contest. This time things didn’t go so well. Still, I’m learning all the time, and have no regrets.

From the Beginning: Submitted 3/12/16

One of the regular commenters on Janet’s blog is on a multi-year trek around the world in a sailboat, visiting all kinds of tropical paradises and making the rest of us jealous. She inspired this week’s prompt words: blue, sea, land, salt, and safe. I played around with these words, thinking of different ways to use them or embed them in a story, but somehow nothing ever jelled. I entered anyway, with a strange thing that’s not a story.

In wet clay, molecules bonded into proteins and life began.

In shallow seas, cells formed membranes and invented photosynthesis.

In rocky shores, creatures crawled onto land and spread.

In steamy jungles, giant lizards dominated the world.

In the aftermath of the comet, mammals took center stage.

In grassy plains, primates stood upright and built tools and fires.

In Blue Springs, AL, Tommy called out, “Hey, Contessa!” Ferrari, jewelry, just the right amount of chin stubble; he knew he would attract the attention of the pretty girl who had caught his eye.

It’s all evolution.

I didn’t have high hopes for my entry this time, and I wasn’t disappointed; no mention at all. It was more good experience, though, so I’m glad I did it. I will try to hit a little closer to the target next time.

6 thoughts on “Flash Fiction 5: From the Beginning

  1. Learning all the time is what it’s all about. Valuable in its own right is just putting yourself out there. I liked the piece, too. Hit on a big theme in a poetic way.


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