C Haiku #atozchallenge


My message changes

minute by minute, all day—

time is on my hands

See the haiku? It is describing something that starts with the letter of the day, which is C. See? Once you see it, let us know in the comments.


18 thoughts on “C Haiku #atozchallenge

    • You got it! Thanks for your kind words – I find haiku fun and not hard to do. I fondly remember the riddle battle in LotR (“What has it got in its nasty pocketses, we wonders?”). Oh, I would love to be part of writing for something like that! Sadly, Tolkien never approached me. His loss, obviously!


    • Thanks! I like haiku – it’s a challenge, but also fun to try to make them fit comfortably into the right number of syllables. It helps that I have all the word starting with a particular letter to start with – that gives me lots of freedom.


  1. Hey, first one I’ve gotten on the first read. I’m loving these. I wish the alphabet had 52 letters. Except for my A to Z challenge — there I’m fine with 26.

    Fifty-two letters for you and your haiku, 12 letters for me and my getting-progressively-harder six-sentence stories. That doesn’t seem fair?!

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    • What you’re doing is SO much harder than what I’m doing – just 17 syllables on any word I choose starting with a given letter. Also, I started writing them a month ago, which cuts down on the stress. Good luck keeping up at a story a day! I’m pulling for you.


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