18 thoughts on “C Haiku #atozchallenge

    • You got it! Thanks for your kind words – I find haiku fun and not hard to do. I fondly remember the riddle battle in LotR (“What has it got in its nasty pocketses, we wonders?”). Oh, I would love to be part of writing for something like that! Sadly, Tolkien never approached me. His loss, obviously!


    • Thanks! I like haiku – it’s a challenge, but also fun to try to make them fit comfortably into the right number of syllables. It helps that I have all the word starting with a particular letter to start with – that gives me lots of freedom.


  1. Hey, first one I’ve gotten on the first read. I’m loving these. I wish the alphabet had 52 letters. Except for my A to Z challenge — there I’m fine with 26.

    Fifty-two letters for you and your haiku, 12 letters for me and my getting-progressively-harder six-sentence stories. That doesn’t seem fair?!

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    • What you’re doing is SO much harder than what I’m doing – just 17 syllables on any word I choose starting with a given letter. Also, I started writing them a month ago, which cuts down on the stress. Good luck keeping up at a story a day! I’m pulling for you.


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