11 thoughts on “G Haiku #atozchallenge

    • The last line about the capes is a hint. Here’s another – throw the word “super” into the mix and see what you get!

      LATER – Okay, I’m having Friday brain myself. My clues aren’t for today’s puzzle at all! (You can hang onto them until tomorrow.) Many apologies. Here are some clues that might actually be helpful! For one thing, this haiku is meaningful to me as a college professor. It’s something we are all focused on. Some other things to think about: a large group of people all throwing their caps in the air, people making dull speeches, student orchestras and choirs performing, parents snapping photos. More clues than you probably need, but u want to make up for steering you astray!


  1. Me too. Maybe next month in the middle of May I’d get this one. If I could complete my education, it’d be on the tip of my tongue. I’m sure I’d toss my cap in the air. But if I figured this one out, I might have to venture into the real world and — no, I don’t want to say it — get a job! Yikes. Good thing I can’t figure this one out. Nope, no idea…

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