Getting Ready to Launch

BoatPrepThis time of year my husband, the sailor, is eagerly getting ready for the new season to begin. This is a shot of just a few of the boats at our marina, ready to be launched back into their natural element. Right now, everyone here is looking toward the future.Fall is a sad time for my husband. The boat is essentially disabled; the sails are taken down, the engine disconnected and weatherized, the plumbing drained, the rigging loosened, the batteries removed, and she is hauled out and set on her cradle, covered in canvas.  But then spring comes, and the process is reversed. If he didn’t have to work, he’d be up there every day this week working on the final pre-launch touches so that as soon as her bottom gets wet, he’ll be able to get out there on the lake. For boaters here on Lake Ontario, this time of year is all about the future.

In response to the WordPress Photo Challenge: Future

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