TableOne of the milestones of spring we look forward to each year is eating out on the deck. We even planted trees in our back yard 20 years ago specifically to shade the area on summer evenings. We’re all, “Oh, let’s have supper on the deck tonight, Jarvis.”Today wasn’t quite warm enough to eat out there, so the table is still shoved to the railing in its winter spot, chairs empty of cushions, waiting for warmer weather. Just like the rest of us.

This is such an optimistic time of year for me. I’m looking forward to the gentler breezes of spring. I’m looking forward with equal fervor to the end of the spring semester in about a month. I’ll have time to drill deeply into the revisions on my book, with the plan of getting a draft into shape for more professional eyes to take a look: editors, possibly, or beta readers, or both. Maybe even getting a query ready to send out by the end of summer? Hey, anything can happen.

As I said: an optimistic time. Things can happen. Soon.

Posted in response to the WordPress photo challenge: Dinnertime

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