O Haiku #atozchallenge


Something’s outer edge—

or else the inner structure

of a term paper

Oh, haiku – what have you done? I fear this one will be a bit of a challenge. Today’s word, which starts with O, describes two things that seem contradictory. One is the outer edge of something; the other is a topic I spend a lot of time on with my students as they learn to write their term papers. Sometimes they have to turn in this inner structure before they turn in the paper itself. Got it? Let us know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “O Haiku #atozchallenge

  1. Had outline instantly. That’s a compliment to your writing. I love words that mean the opposite of each other depending on usage. Of course, the moment I say that, I can’t think of another one for a good example. That’d be a fun blog post series, yes?

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    • I saw a list of those self-antonyms a while ago. The only one I remember is “trim.” It can mean to remove extra things (as in, “trim that scraggly tree in the yard”) or to ADD extra things (as in, “trim the Christmas tree”). Weird!


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