Y Haiku #atozchallenge


Who’s beyond the screen,

reading this blog post right now?

Yes, I’m talking to—

As we approach the end of the A to Z challenge for this year, I’m asking myself, Why haiku? It’s been a ton of fun to engage with all the splendid bloggers who’ve made this commitment and seen it through. Especially you!  See if you can figure out what word beginning with Y this little poem suggests.

Tomorrow will be the last post in this series. See you there!

Today’s entry in the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

8 thoughts on “Y Haiku #atozchallenge

  1. Is it you? Or is it me? Maybe it’s a dragon. No, wait, that doesn’t quite fit. One more letter and one more glorious haiku. And of course the shark has presented us with a new challenge to finish out the weekend. Glorious.

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  2. Ah, I got it even though my brain is half engaged today. YOU! Or me. I’ve enjoyed these as I’m sure you have.. Your puckish wit has shown through. Good job.

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