Flash Fiction 6: And Then She Saw

FlashFictionMy sixth entry in Janet Reid’s flash fiction contest hit the jackpot, because out of 84 entries I was one of two co-winners! I can’t describe how excited I am by this.

And then she saw: Submitted 4/30/16

The rules were a little different in the contest this time. We were given only three prompt words (cat, hat, and splat), but were also given a specific opening phrase (And then she saw…) and ending phrase (…stunned her). This made things particularly challenging, but I came up with something I thought might work. Ms. Reid apparently agreed with me.

“And then she saw it was only the cat!” Maggie smiled at the couple who laughed, waved to the mostly oblivious crowd, and was done.

Backstage, Gabe scrubbed out a cigarette on his plate. “Tough room.”

Not really. Maggie knew when she wasn’t clicking, and she hated it.

Walking to her car, head down, she didn’t notice the figure until he stepped from the shadows. Reflex took over; never let a heckler get the upper hand. “Big gun. Sorry about your dick.”

“What are you, a comedian?” Over the gunshot she heard him laugh, and her gratitude stunned her.

In addition to selecting my story as one of two winners (!!!), Ms. Reid mentioned two things. First, she liked that it took her a few seconds to figure out what was going on (the word “comedian” doesn’t show up until the end, in a throwaway line of dialogue). Second,¬†she thought the joke about the gun was genuinely funny.

I’m going to get a book as a prize for winning the contest. Whatever she sends will have a place of honor on my shelf, of course. But the real prize is just being chosen. I’m so excited, I’m posting twice today, after my last post about being so tired after the A to Z challenge. My tiredness has mysteriously evaporated!

8 thoughts on “Flash Fiction 6: And Then She Saw

  1. Wow, great story and congratulations on your win at the Reef. I am so impressed. That was a super hard challenge. These are great to win. I have a hand-written note from Janet from my win which I have framed. I didn’t know anyone wrote hand-written notes anymore. What a great thrill and well-deserved win for you.

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