A to Z Reflection – 2016


I did it! I completed the A to Z Blogging Challenge this year, my first time entering the challenge. I’ve already reflected on the ways in which it was both more and less difficult than I expected, and how much fun I had. Today, I’ll look at some numbers.

During April I posted 31 times (one for each letter of the alphabet, plus 5 other posts, mostly related to the WordPress Photo Challenge each week). That makes it BY FAR the busiest month in the nearly 2 year lifetime of this blog! It is also saw a great increase in responses from my readers, which is much more important.

  • The 26 A-Z posts in April collected a total of 326 comments, for an average of 13 comments per letter. The most-commented letter was D, a little haiku referring to DNA, which inspired 25 people to take the time to type a message. It was the most scientifically geeky of my haiku puzzles, so I think I have a scientific, geeky readership, which thrills me to no end!

A twisted ladder

packed inside my cells, so small—

all that I might be

  • The 26 A-Z posts in April also collected a total of 137 “likes,” which averages to about 5 likes per post. The one that got the highest number of likes was the haiku about Heroes with 8, because everyone loves heroes.

If you look, you’ll find

those who take risks for others—

they don’t all wear capes

  • I love all these numbers, but the one that really warms my blogger’s heart is this: I got six new followers during the A to Z challenge this year. When you only have about 100 followers, that’s a terrific increase! I’m delighted about this, and I want each one of you who reads and follows my little blog to know that I really appreciate you. I’m determined to keep giving you content in words and pictures that you find interesting enough to be worth your time.

Followers, readers,

those who stop by for a peek—

Thanks to all of you!

13 thoughts on “A to Z Reflection – 2016

  1. Great stuff, Celia, and super numbers. And we’ll take one haiku to go, please. I would haiku a drive-thru interaction here ending with “No ketchup, than, you much” but I can only spell haiku. I haven’t figured out how to write one yet.

    It was great fun spending April with you. I gotta figure out what to do next now!

    Liked by 1 person

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