Blog Birthday: WordWacker is 2!

Birthday2Yes, this blog is now a toddler. That means it can be clumsy, inarticulate, whiny, and a royal pain, but has the potential to become something worthwhile someday. Let me take a moment and look back, and look forward.

Looking back, I can see that I’ve come a long way in two years. I’m more confident about putting posts together. I’m still loving the whole thing, and giving more thought to what I do and how I do it. I find that the weekly WordPress photo challenges are a can’t-miss part of the blog, even though I don’t describe myself as a photographer. Like practically everyone I know, I have a camera in my pocket all the time, and I stop and snap pictures of anything that catches my eye. My posts around the photo challenge sometimes are just about the photo (like last week’s image of the intricate folds of a flower) and sometimes use the photo as a springboard to an essay on some topic relating to my life or to the world in general (like this post about flowers and bees).I’ve also posted consistently about the ups and downs of writing flash fiction for the contest that Janet Reid puts on whenever she feels like it. I participated in the A to Z Challenge this year for the first time, with some degree of success. There hasn’t been as much focus on the actual book I’m writing, because there isn’t a whole lot to share when I’m slogging through revisions, but I do bring it up now and then. Overall, the blog is pretty healthy: I have 131 followers as of today (Hi! Thanks for following!!), and two weeks ago WordPress informed me I hit 1,000 likes and over 4,000 views. I also have 8 people following me through the WordWacker Facebook page, where they see the same posts I put up here and, very occasionally, other short tidbits as well. I even have 18 followers on Twitter. None of this is particularly noteworthy (tons of people zoom past these milestones is way less time than I did), but for me it works.

Looking ahead, I mostly plan more of the same. I don’t anticipate losing interest in the photo challenges any time soon, or writing flash fiction, so those posts will continue. I will keep going with the revision of my book, but until that’s done there really isn’t much to report so you won’t see a lot about it here. The biggest change I expect to achieve in the near future is to port this blog over to my own site, under my own domain. I’m not a technical person, though, so I’m going to need to get some hand-holding as I work my way through that process, so it could be a little while.

Happy Birthday, little blog. May you have many more!

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