The Old Stone Wall


I live in a typical middle-class suburban subdevelopment, in a fairly manicured kind of town. People in my neighborhood are petitioning the town to resurface our road instead of sealing the cracks with tar, because the tar marks are just SO unsightly. So I was surprised years ago to notice this, right across the street from the elementary school my daughter attended at the time: an old stone foundation. What surprises me most is not that it’s here, because after all there have been old buildings around for centuries, and when a building is abandoned the foundation is the last thing to go. Why I’m surprised is that somebody takes care of it. There’s no plaque indicating that this site has any historical or cultural significance, but a couple of times a year someone peels away the overgrowth so that the old stones show up clearly from the road. I took this picture just last weekend, and you can see that there are none of the weeds of summer that shrouded the place just a few months ago. I’m encouraged with this link someone obviously feels with the past, and salute this old stone wall each time I drive by. After who know how many years, it’s still there.

Posted in response to the WordPress photo challenge: Resilient

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