Visit the Shark – Do You Know Janet Reid?

For my first Wednesday Words post of the new year, I’m going to point you toward someone else’s  fantastic words. This isn’t really a reblog because I’m not highlighting a specific post, but if you’re interested in writing or publishing you really should be following Janet Reid’s blog. Janet is an agent with New Leaf Literary and Media, and she also takes the time to post daily messages aimed at helping writers navigate the tricky waters of the publishing world. Janet describes calls herself a shark and her many followers (who call themselves Reiders) refer to the welcoming, supportive atmosphere at her blog as the Reef. This is one of the few places on the Web where I encourage you to read the comments! As a literary agent, what Janet knows best is the process of querying agents and securing representation, so that’s what her blog mostly focuses on. She also runs the extremely helpful Query Shark, where she reads and comments extensively on queries. Before you submit your first query to any agent whatsoever, you should read ALL the entries on the Query Shark (285 as of today) to learn what works and why.

So, writers who hope for publication, go visit the Shark. She doesn’t really bite. Well, not TOO hard.

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