Into the Bush

I love the look of snow on branches; it almost makes the snow worthwhile! Here’s a photo I took last January, of the intertwined branches of the bush out by my driveway. I stopped as I left for work to get out of the car and snap this shot, because it just draws me in and makes me want to climb inside. I hope you enjoy it as well.

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A to Z Theme Reveal – More Haiku Puzzles!

More haiku puzzles!
They were lots of fun last year,
so I brought them back.

This time there’s a twist –
The words are from fantasy
and science fiction.

Nothing that demands
serious fan knowledge, though.
I bet you know them.

Join me in April
for a little poetry
and some fun puzzles.

The A to Z Blogging Challenge happens every year in April. Each of the 26 letters in the alphabet gets assigned to one day in April, and bloggers who participate post something that relates to the letter of the day. I had a ton of fun doing the challenge last year, and I’ve decided to do it again. Each day will be a haiku, a little poem based on a Japanese concept, with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second line, and five in the third line. The haiku of the day will somehow suggest or relate to a word that begins with the letter of the day, just as I did last time. The difference this time is that all the words relate to something in fantasy and science fiction. The challenge is to figure out what word I’m thinking of, based on the haiku. I’ve picked ideas that are in the mainstream, things that most people will know, so even if you’re not a diehard FSF fan you still have a good shot at knowing the word. We’ll find out how well I did as April goes on. Join me! 

Looking Down

This is the cafe where my daughter works, looking down over the balcony from the floor above. I took this shot just a year ago, when the unusual perspective struck me. Also – does anyone else feel a strong need to go down there and put that one chair in? It doesn’t match all the others, and IT REALLY BOTHERS ME!

(pant, pant)

Okay, I’m all right now.

I guess.

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The WordPress photo challenge this week is about sharing wishes with the world. Of all the things I wish for, here’s the one I’m putting out there: a wish for my country. May the divisions, the bitterness, the invective, and the hate be washed away in a commitment to do the hard work of finding common ground and moving toward a better nation for all of us. I see the same problems writ large on the world stage, and writ small in the places where I work, so this wish is not only for the US. Let us put people before party and others before self, and open our hands to those different from us.

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Last August, I had to travel to one of the farther buildings at my college campus to deliver a batch of keys that had been returned by a retiring faculty member. It was hot, and I was annoyed at having to walk all the way over there on what seemed like a pretty mindless mission. Then I walked by the pond. This little body of water is tucked away at the back of the campus between parking lots, and its main purpose is to manage water runoff when there are large rains or snow melts. On that day, though, it was just beautiful. I stopped to take a picture of this unexpected gem that’s been outside my window for decades but never appreciated before.

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