A to Z Theme Reveal – More Haiku Puzzles!

More haiku puzzles!
They were lots of fun last year,
so I brought them back.

This time there’s a twist –
The words are from fantasy
and science fiction.

Nothing that demands
serious fan knowledge, though.
I bet you know them.

Join me in April
for a little poetry
and some fun puzzles.

The A to Z Blogging Challenge happens every year in April. Each of the 26 letters in the alphabet gets assigned to one day in April, and bloggers who participate post something that relates to the letter of the day. I had a ton of fun doing the challenge last year, and I’ve decided to do it again. Each day will be a haiku, a little poem based on a Japanese concept, with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second line, and five in the third line. The haiku of the day will somehow suggest or relate to a word that begins with the letter of the day, just as I did last time. The difference this time is that all the words relate to something in fantasy and science fiction. The challenge is to figure out what word I’m thinking of, based on the haiku. I’ve picked ideas that are in the mainstream, things that most people will know, so even if you’re not a diehard FSF fan you still have a good shot at knowing the word. We’ll find out how well I did as April goes on. Join me! 

3 thoughts on “A to Z Theme Reveal – More Haiku Puzzles!

  1. Yaaaaasssssss! I remember (quite fondly) guessing at the haiku topics last year. Great fun. And I think I hit above 50%, so much better than real life. Looking forward to April 1!

    Good luck, Celia, and have fun. See you soon…

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