A Haiku #atozchallenge

ET, Spock, and Thor –
these are friendly, but others
may burst from your chest

Welcome to my 2017 A to Z Blogging Challenge – Haiku puzzles! Each letter of the alphabet is assigned to one day of the month in April, and today the letter is A. I’ve got a haiku for each letter, and your task is to figure out the word that begins with the letter of the day that is related somehow to science fiction or fantasy.

Can you figure out the science fiction/fantasy word that starts with A that relates to today’s haiku? Let us know in the comments! I hope you have fun playing along.

14 thoughts on “A Haiku #atozchallenge

    • Good sleuthing! You got the answer. Thor is a god of the Norse pantheon, but he’s also an alien in the Stargate universe and is something like an alien in the Marvel universe (think of Avengers). At least, that’s what I was thinking of – I couldn’t come up with a different alien that was only one syllable. Oh, well – if I got two out of three, I’m still happy with that. Thanks for playing!

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  1. Oh, I’m so happy! The haikus are back for another season.

    I’m going with Aliens here. Thor threw me for three seconds (not really three, but I was going with alliteration there) but I’m sticking with Aliens anyway.

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  2. this is easy but I like easy. I don’t think spock is an alien but I guess he is since he’s not human, suppose that means anyone that is not human is an alien? will come back for more visits

    have a lovely day.

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