Security and Privilege

I’m taking a break today from the A-Z Blogging Challenge to file an image fore the weekly photo challenge. I’ll be back tomorrow with a puzzle haiku for the letter H. Meanwhile…

Snow in March isn’t unusual here in Western NY, but this was a whole LOT of snow for mid-March. My college was closed for two days, which practically never happens! You can see here the snow that was piled up on the deck outside our kitchen. What I think of when I see this image, and when I saw all the snow that day, is how blessed and privileged I am to have a warm, sturdy home I can be in while I look out at this weather. There are so many people in the world who don’t have that kind of security. May you all find the welcome and warmth you need. You deserve it.

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5 thoughts on “Security and Privilege

  1. I feasted my eyes on your snow picture. We used to get storms like that occasionally on Long Island. We have instant snow in North Carolina. It comes and disappears the same day. I don’t miss the times we were without power for eight days, but it would be fun to be snowed in once in a while.

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