Why, Hello, George!

A little over a year ago, I visited the George Eastman Museum, a wonderful place that includes Eastman’s splendid house and grounds and the world’s greatest archive of film and motion-picture images and equipment. I wrote earlier about this visit, but today I want to share a different image. Up on the second floor of the mansion, in a small room where you can watch an informative video, you walk in to see – surprise! That’s George Eastman, sitting there, reading the paper. Of course, Eastman died in 1932, so I knew it couldn’t really be him, and then I noticed he was black and white, and that’s when I figured out it was a photo. I love the joke, and also love that it is a powerful statement about the quality of the photographic image that was taken so long ago, that even hugely enlarged and monochromatic, it was real-looking enough to startle me. So now I have a picture of a picture to capture my moment of appreciating a picture. It all makes sense!

Posted in response to the WordPress photo challenge: Surprise

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