Never Trust a Window

Windows are generally for looking through, right? But this image isn’t of the view through the window. It shows the reflection off one of the windows in a building at my college campus. Standing outside, I can see the buildings, trees, and sky behind me reflected in the window, and can’t see anything inside.

So let’s always remember: windows are tricky things. Sometimes you see through them to the other side. Sometimes you just see your own side, reflected back at you. How can you be sure? NEVER TRUST A WINDOW.

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At the Water’s Edge

Isn’t this beautiful? I took this shot a couple of years ago at the docks in Pultneyville, NY. There’s so much going on here: old steel beams anchoring the docks, wooden dock steps, algae-covered water, and a ton of wild plants. Front and center is a stand of purple loosestrife, which is gorgeous but actually troublesome, because it’s an invasive species that crowds out native wetland plants. I’m afraid it’s got a firm foothold here in western New York, though, and don’t see how we’ll ever get rid of it. So I choose to enjoy its beauty every summer, when it spreads its hot pink spikes wherever the ground is wet.

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Ready for Takeoff

A couple of years ago a bunch of my friends got together for a terrific weekend in a cabin on a lake in the Adirondacks owned by one of us. We laughed, hiked, sang, watched the Perseid meteor shower, and went tubing on the lake. Here’s one friend settled into the tube, ready for another friend to gun the outboard and give her an exciting, noisy, wet ride. I can still here him calling, “Ready? You’re sure? All set?” and her screaming back, “Go, already!”

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