The Photo Challenge starts tomorrow!

 Are you ready for the WordWacker Photo Challenge?
The excitement begins tomorrow!

You’re invited to post a photo once a week, based on the schedule above and also permanently posted either on the right side or down at the bottom of the blog. Here’s how it will work, starting tomorrow (and note that it’s just a little different from what I originally announced).

  • Every Friday I’ll put up a post with an image that relates to the letter of the week. This is the bit that’s different from what I said before, because I’m not going to pick a theme. I’ll just post a photo I took that I can describe with a word starting with the right letter.
  • Sometime during the following week, post your own image on your own blog. Any image that you can apply the week’s letter to is fine! So while I said my theme for the first day would be ACTION, you can use any image you can label with the letter A. Apples! Alaska! Aunt Ann’s Amazing Afgan! Include a link back to my Friday Photo Challenge post for that week. (So not this post here – link back to the one with the A photo that posts on Friday.) I’ll update my post to add a link to yours.
  • Check back during the week to see what other people have done with the letter of the week. Visit their post and leave a comment, so we can all join in.

I have no idea whether this is going to attract interest from anyone else or not. I hope it does, because that would be a fun community to be part of. Either way, though, I’ll have the challenge of figuring out a photo each week for the assigned letter. By the time I get to Q and X, things will get really interesting.

That’s it! Start thinking about a photo you want to post relating to the letter A. Any pics are fine, from iPhone to 35 mm SLR, or whatever you capture images with. I look forward to seeing what your creative minds come up with. Have fun!


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