Charlotte Pier

Gray day on the water. In the distance, a pier stretches off to a lighthouse, with a few people braving the weather.The Lens Artist photo challenge this week comes from Ann-Christine, who gives us the prompt “Dreamy.” I immediately thought of an image I took a month or so ago at the mouth of the Genesee River in Rochester, NY. It was wet and gray that day, and few people were walking out to the light at the end of the Charlotte pier. It feels to me like a dream indeed. Not necessarily a happy one.

Posted in response to the Lens Artist Photo Challenge #55: Dreamy

3 thoughts on “Charlotte Pier

  1. I can feel the dream – and they are not always happy of course…But, I feel happy in misty and wet weather. My body works well then. I can also feel the end of the pier far out there, is an important part of the dreamy feeling. It is almost lost to the mist. Well done.

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