Water and Stone

The arch of a stone bridge over a river reflects in the water to make a circleA few months ago I took a river cruise down the Genesee River in Rochester, NY. Along the way I snapped this image of one of the stone bridges over the water. I was intrigued by how the arch of the bridge was reflected in the water to make a circular frame for the misty view upriver. It was a gray and rainy day, but still beautiful!

More recently, I saw a pile of stones being used to hold back some of the erosion due to the high water levels in Lake Ontario this year. There were gaps in the stones, and through the gaps you could see the water of the lake. Here’s one of the pictures I took.

A sliver of lake water viewed through a pile of bouldersI seem to have an interest in looking at vistas of water, framed by stone–large and small.

Posted in response to Lens Artists Photo Challenge #60: Frame, with thanks to Amy for posting this week’s challenge.

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