Living on the Edge

I have the fortune to live in a comfortable suburb, within easy reach of a small city, and just around the corner from the countryside. The best of all worlds! The Lens Artists challenge this week is about the countryside, so here are a few photos taken just minutes from my house.

A large red barn, with close-cropped fields in the foreground and a cloudy sky aboveThese neighbors of mine grow the most delicious corn and sell it in a roadside stand. In late summer and early autumn we try to have fresh corn on the cob often.

Under a bright blue sky, a farmer is tilling a field, with some farm buildings in the backgroundThis is one of their fields. You can see that barn in the background on the left.

A closeup of a field of sunflowers, with one huge blossom right up frontSome years, they grow sunflowers in that field. This is a picture I took there a couple of years ago.

Bare tree branches reach up into a cloudy skyThis was taken in November a couple of years ago in a bit of woods just down the road. I like the moodiness of the bare branches and the cloudy sky.

Posted in response to Lens-Artists #64: Countryside, with thanks to Amy for posting this week’s challenge.

11 thoughts on “Living on the Edge

    • Yes, we’re spoiled by the local corn. We basically won’t eat corn on the cob if it wasn’t in the field earlier today. The scientists tell me that the natural sugars in the kernels begin converting to starches the moment it’s picked, so by the next day there’s not much left. Fresh is best!


  1. Now I see Living on the Edge advantages – fresh corn cobs are delicious. We usually go to the nearest farmer to pick them ourselves. This year they did not grow any! Glad to know you have got them!

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