Lines and Squares 1: Straight

Pale ceramic tile squares. Text: Somethign for Sunday; October 6, 2019; Lines and Squares Part 1: StraightBecky B runs a photo challenge four times a year for a whole month. In the Squares Challenge, people post an image for each day that meet two criteria; they are based on the month’s prompt, and their format is square. This October, the prompt is Lines. I’ve chosen to bundle my images into four batches and post one batch each Sunday in October.

Here’s my first batch, all featuring straight lines. Click an image to navigate through the gallery. Enjoy!


10 thoughts on “Lines and Squares 1: Straight

  1. Loved your choices Celia especially the piano. BTW it’s quite a challenge to find you as you are commenting from your website id rather than your WP site. I suspect you’d see more activity on your blog if you reverted on that. Just a thought

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