Adirondack Candids

The photo challenge this week is to post candid shots: photos of people or animals that were not posed, but just captured what the subjects happened to be doing at the time. This was an extra challenge for me, since my policy is not to post recognizable photos of anyone on my blog. But I was able to get through my files and find three images from a visit to a friend’s cabin in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York that would work.

First: water skiing on the lake

A boat pulling a water skier on a lake surrounded by dense trees. The skier is in the background, well up on her skis; the boater, in the foreground, is looking back, concentrating on keeping her safe.

Next, a quieter, more solitary moment in a canoe

A woman paddles a canoe by some water lilies near the shore of a quiet lake surrounded by trees

Finally, Mia the dog at the dock, watching intently for fish. I’ve actually posted about Mia the neurotic dog before. She’s my Zen master.

A shaggy dark-furred dog, about the size of a collie, perched on the edge of a wooden dock, peering down into the waterPosted in response to Lens-Artists #67: Candid, with thanks to Leya for posting this week’s challenge.

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