Sky Layers

This week’s photo challenge is to illustrate layers: images of things that are stacked in front of and behind each other to create depth. I’ve always been fascinated by the sky and clouds, which is a rich source of such images. Here are three from my archives. I hope you enjoy them!

A flock of puffy clouds in the blue sky over Black River Bay, piled up all the way to the horizonFluffy white clouds against a dark blue sky, receding toward the horizonSame spot, different day, this time with darker clouds and rain falling on the far side of the bay

Clouds piled up over Black River Bay, with rain falling in the distanceA gentle sunset over water, with a tree-covered bluff in middle distance and a bit of beach in the foreground

A bluff by a lake silhouetted against a pastel sunset, with a beach and small waves in the foregroundPosted in response to Lens-Artists #67: Layered, with thanks to Amy for this week’s challenge.

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