The photo challenge this week is for photos of doubles; two similar things in one image. Here are a few examples from my archives.

The flags of two countries fly from this staff at the Navy Point Marina. It’s in the US, but near that border with Canada and frequently visited by Canadian guests. (The small pennant at the top identifies the marina.)

A staff bearing the flags of two countries: Canada and the USA patch of day lilies caught my eye with these two brilliant blooms.

Two brilliant orange daylilies against a field of green leavesThese two charming baby dragon sculptures were the cake toppers at my daughter’s dragon-themed wedding. The groom designed them and had them 3D printed, and the bride painted them.

Two dragon sculptures: one has a wreath of flowers on her head, the other is taking a bite out of his top hat. Their tails curl together to suggest a heart.Posted in response to Lens Artist #69: Seeing Double, with thanks to Tina for this week’s challenge

5 thoughts on “Doubles

  1. I love dragons – and love the idea for your daughter’s wedding. They look terrific! Congratulations to your daughter as well – and the teamwork for making the dragons sounds like a good start for a life together!

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