Ho Ho When?

This week’s Lens Artists challenge is about waiting. I found the perfect example this week in a visit to our local mall. Though it won’t even be Thanksgiving for another week here in the US, the stores have already gone into full-on holiday shopping mode, and the mall decorations are hard-core Christmas. Not only that, but Santa is already there, eager to find out what you want so someone can buy it for you. I felt bad for him, because nobody was paying him the least attention. When I asked if I could take his photo he first invited me to come sit, but agreed that a photo would be just fine.

A mall Santa sits on his throne, surrounded by Christmas decorations, but with no children presentSo here is Santa waiting for customers. I hope he brings joy to some children in the weeks to come, and hope that no matter what the time of year, all the world’s children find the joy, peace, security, and love they need.

Posted in response to Lens-Artists #72: Waiting, with thanks to Amy for posting this week’s challenge.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: I’ve made a rather momentous decision. I will officially be switching my blog from this free WordPress location to my actual author website. For the rest of the year I will post all my blog entries (including this one) on both locations, and I’ve disabled subscriptions to Word Wacker. Starting in January 2020 I’ll be posting only on the website. If you enjoy my content, please start following me at my site: www.celiareaves.com. I value every one of my followers, and I hope to see you over there!

14 thoughts on “Ho Ho When?

  1. Santa is a nice “real” looking Santa – and pretty soon the lines will be long.
    Also – congrats on the new site – good idea – however I could not find a way to follow? I’ll check again later – but wanted to let you know…

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    • I agree about the Santa. He’s not just some guy with a pillow and a stick-on beard. His attitude was also spot on: cheerful and welcoming.
      Thanks for the info about following the new site. I’m glad I planned two months of overlap between the two sites to work out the bugs!

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      • you will! you know you will – even tho it feels like a huge mountain – and just saw some author tip – and he said something about publishing “average” or even “poor” is okay as you start – it will help give you momentum and experience so you can learn. Although I am sure yours is not average – but it is a new genre for you (right – much different than research and APA…)

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      • Thanks for the encouragement! 💖❣️ Yes, this couldn’t be much more different from writing about research in SPA style – thank goodness. 😉 I’m feeling positive at the moment after my critique group gave me good feedback last night on the recent chapters: positive reactions plus solid suggestions for improvement. They will last until at least this afternoon, when I start digging into the next set of chapters.

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      • Ugh / such a huge project this novel writing – and I have one in progress right now -my very first!! just the bones and just a haphazard outline but it feels good to “try” and right now I just like seeing what unfolds in this free writing mode – your editing process is where it does get even tougher – glad you have a group that helps – strength in unity 😊🙏☀️

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