So Many Blessings

A burning candle surrounded by vividly colored autumn leaves. Text: Something for Sunday; November 24, 2019; So Many BlessingsThanksgiving in the US is coming up this Thursday, and as usual I will have a small group at my house: me, my husband, our two children, and our son-in-law. All our other family members live too far away to visit, but I’m content. I have so many blessings, more than I can count.

  • My family. Our children both live locally, and come to visit every week. Everyone is healthy and is in a good place mentally, socially, and financially. There is nothing more precious to me than this.
  • My life. I retired this year, and find my new situation very rewarding. Our finances are more than comfortable, we are both in good health, and I’m enjoying the extra time I can spend on things I choose: writing, gaming, and music. I’m also able to work more diligently on maintaining my health into old age, including a much more regular workout schedule. I have a network of friends, in real life and online, and am looking forward to the future.
  • My country. I know that there’s a lot going on here that is, shall we say, less than ideal. Right now it’s hard. But we will get through it, and uphold our core principles: the rule of law, and that nobody is above the law. With all its blemishes, there is no place I would rather live.

I am very aware of how privileged my status as a well-off white person in the USA makes me. I try to be constantly mindful of this privilege, to remember that I owe it to much more than just my own efforts and to do what I can to spread it to others. But today, in this season of thanksgiving, I will give myself wholeheartedly to gratitude for what life has given to me.

Every year at this time, I’m reminded of a saying I’ve seen attributed to Native Americans:

Give thanks for blessings yet unknown, already on their way

I hope you and yours find your blessings, and come to a place where you have the peace, security, and love you deserve.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: Starting in January 2020 I’ll be posting only on my official author website. If you enjoy my content, please start following me there: I value every one of my followers, and I hope to see you over there!


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