The Lens Artist photo challenge this week is to share images of the cold. Winter hasn’t fully hit where I am.The high temperature today is expected to be 55°F (13°C), which means I can’t really get good cold pictures right now. Instead, I’m pulling a few out of my archives.

Here’s a really old shot of a visitor in my back yard doing some last-minute stocking up for the season.

A squirrel sits on a tree branch, eating berriesThis boulder on the campus where I taught wears its winter coat well.

A large boulder atainst a brick wall, partly buried in a snowdriftThe holly outside my door, with the red berries popping against the green leaves and white snow.

A holly bush with dark green leaves coated in white snow, and a scattering of bright red berriesFinally, my husband, my hero. Before we both retired he worked for a company in another state, telecommuting each day from our basement, but he still got up early in the snow to clear the driveway before I left for my own commute.

Looking down on a figure using a snowblower to clear several inches of snow off a driveway, as snow continues to fallPosted in response to Lens-Artists #73: Cold, with thanks to Tina for posting this week’s challenge.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: Starting in January 2020 I’ll be posting only on my official author website. If you enjoy my content, please start following me there: I value every one of my followers, and I hope to see you over there!

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