A Dozen Photos

A Nikon camera with a telephoto lense on a wooden table. Text: Something for Sunday; December 8, 2019; A Dozen Photos

Now that we’re into December, I’m taking time to look back at 2019 in various ways. This week I dug through more than 100 photos I posted on the blog this year and pulled out 12 of them that I especially liked or that meant a lot to me for some reason. My photos were all taken with my trusty iPhone camera (not the Nikon my husband uses, which graces the headline image for this post). The reason I love my phone camera is because I always have it with me, so I can grab a shot wherever I am. Here are the images I picked, in the order in which they appeared. (Click the link in each entry to see the original post.)

  1. New Life: This one is special, because it was the first photo posted this year. I took a couple of months off from the blog, regrouping and trying to find my path forward. This image represents me getting back in the groove.An early spring bud, ready to burst into flower
  2. Get Back Up: This is the first image I posted in my Something for Sunday series, in which I talked about an important way humans differ from many other animals and how this related to the movie Captain Marvel. I’m not going to call out any more of them, because they aren’t simply photos, but have been highly edited and altered and have text on top. I wanted to include this one, though, since it’s the first.Two red tulips against white siding. Text: Something for Sunday; May 5, 2019; Get Back Up
  3. WordWacker is 5: It was fun to take this photo out in the back yard, and then to share and eat the props! It’s bittersweet for me, though, since I’m retiring this blog at the end of the year. I’m not getting out of blogging, though. I’m switching it to my own website, and will keep the posts here for the future.A cake with frosting baloons and the number 5, with text: Happy Blog Birthday
  4. Berries in the Rain: This was the first photo I posted in response to the Lens Artists photo challenge. It’s been going on for more than a year, but it took me this long to find it. The people who run the challenge, and those who participate, are amazing photographers, and I love seeing what they come up with every week. Many of the images in the rest of this list were posted for this challenge.Bright red berries among green leaves, each berry with a drop of rain
  5. Charlotte Pier: I love this dreamy, atmospheric shot, posted for a Lens Artists challenge.Gray day on the water. In the distance, a pier stretches off to a lighthouse, with a few people braving the weather.
  6. Sunset friends: Another Lens Artists photo, one of a set of silhouettes.Sunset over water, with the silhouettes of four young people in the foreground
  7. Lamp: Another photo challenge I discovered this year was the Squares Challenge, which four times a year gives a theme and invites a photo on the theme every day for a month. I posted my photos in batches, one each Sunday. This was one of the photos in my collection featuring straight lines.The shade on this lamp is an interesting pattern of vertical pleats gathered alternately at the top and bottom
  8. Leaf Closeup: This was one of the images for a Lens Artist challenge inviting people to fill the frame, getting close to their subject.Closeup of bright red maple leaves, lookind down on a yard strewn with fallen leaves
  9. Snowy Branches: One of the images posted for the Square Challenge, this time part of a set of photos featuring natural lines.The dense, twisted branches on these trees each carry an inch or two of snow
  10. Cloud Layers: One of the images for a Lens Artist challenge about images showing layers.Fluffy white clouds against a dark blue sky, receding toward the horizon
  11. Creepy Tree: Another image for a Lens Artist challenge near Halloween, asking for creepy photos.A dead tree on the beach, with the trunk chopped off 20 feet up and two twisted branches reaching into the air
  12. Wires: This was in my most recent set of posts for the Lens Artist challenge, so it serves well to round out the collection.A nest of electrical cables in a variety of colors

I have to say that taking and posting photos has been one of my great joys on the blog this year. I’m happy to share a few of them with you.

Please note that all starting in a few weeks, my images will only be posted on my official website: www.celiareaves.com. If you want to see the pictures I post in the future, you’ll have to follow me there. I hope to see you on my new site!


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