Glass Block

I was visiting a local high school on Tuesday this week and stopped to take a picture of this glass wall between the hallway and the gym, just because I loved the abstract patterns of color and light. Then on Wednesday the WordPress photo challenge came up, and I knew this was the image to use! Yes, I know, what I’m seeing here is more about refraction than reflection, but I figure there has to be some internal reflection going on as well, right? In any case, I think it’s beautiful. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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Location Danger

Yes, I’m still working on my book. That was actually the original focus of this blog, way back when it started, and it’s still part of what I do here, though I’ve branched out and most of my posts are on other things. Today I get to connect the writing-a-novel thread with the weekly-photo-challenge thread in one image.

About 18 months ago I visited the real-world spot where most of the action in my book takes place, and I wrote at the time about how useful this visit was. For today’s photo challenge I’m sharing one image from the trip, one that shows what the view might be like from my fictional hotel.This is the vista of Lake Ontario from the Devil’s Nose bluff, and the sign warning me to keep away from that edge. It was good advice. The drop to those frigid waves is about 20 feet (around 6 meters for those of you in more scientifically enlightened places), and it would not be easy to climb back up the muddy bank, especially if you’re wet and shivering!

In other ways, though, I don’t want to keep away from the bank. There are times when the whole idea of writing a novel is terrifying. Maybe that’s part of why I’ve taken so long to get from finished first draft to first revision. I blame it on other things (taking on extra responsibilities at work, preparing for my daughter’s wedding in JUST FOUR WEEKS), but we all know that I could carve out more time for this if I really tried. There’s an edge there that’s scary. So now I want to tell that sign to go jump in the lake – I will NOT keep away from bank. I will go to that bank, right up to that edge, and finish that book.

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Why, Hello, George!

A little over a year ago, I visited the George Eastman Museum, a wonderful place that includes Eastman’s splendid house and grounds and the world’s greatest archive of film and motion-picture images and equipment. I wrote earlier about this visit, but today I want to share a different image. Up on the second floor of the mansion, in a small room where you can watch an informative video, you walk in to see – surprise! That’s George Eastman, sitting there, reading the paper. Of course, Eastman died in 1932, so I knew it couldn’t really be him, and then I noticed he was black and white, and that’s when I figured out it was a photo. I love the joke, and also love that it is a powerful statement about the quality of the photographic image that was taken so long ago, that even hugely enlarged and monochromatic, it was real-looking enough to startle me. So now I have a picture of a picture to capture my moment of appreciating a picture. It all makes sense!

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Security and Privilege

I’m taking a break today from the A-Z Blogging Challenge to file an image fore the weekly photo challenge. I’ll be back tomorrow with a puzzle haiku for the letter H. Meanwhile…

Snow in March isn’t unusual here in Western NY, but this was a whole LOT of snow for mid-March. My college was closed for two days, which practically never happens! You can see here the snow that was piled up on the deck outside our kitchen. What I think of when I see this image, and when I saw all the snow that day, is how blessed and privileged I am to have a warm, sturdy home I can be in while I look out at this weather. There are so many people in the world who don’t have that kind of security. May you all find the welcome and warmth you need. You deserve it.

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Into the Bush

I love the look of snow on branches; it almost makes the snow worthwhile! Here’s a photo I took last January, of the intertwined branches of the bush out by my driveway. I stopped as I left for work to get out of the car and snap this shot, because it just draws me in and makes me want to climb inside. I hope you enjoy it as well.

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Looking Down

This is the cafe where my daughter works, looking down over the balcony from the floor above. I took this shot just a year ago, when the unusual perspective struck me. Also – does anyone else feel a strong need to go down there and put that one chair in? It doesn’t match all the others, and IT REALLY BOTHERS ME!

(pant, pant)

Okay, I’m all right now.

I guess.

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