I’d Rather Be…Gaming

I’d rather be…


Table-top, dice-rolling, paper-and-pencil, role-playing games. They are my favorite way to spend time with friends, laughing and arguing and scheming and building a story together. I’ve posted about my love for gaming before (here and here). Those posts all focused on Dungeons and Dragons, the classic game, which I play in both 3.5 and 5th edition. This one focuses on World of Darkness, a different system, which I’ve played in various version (Changeling, Hunter, Vampire, and straight WoD, both Old World and New World). Every Monday and Friday night I get out my character sheets and dice and move into a fantasy world. That’s where I’d rather be!

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Welcome to Somewhere

We’ve driven past this sign many times, and finally last fall I stopped to take a picture. There’s nothing in particular at this spot on the road aside from this intriguing old sign. I’ve often wondered what it means, or used to mean, back when it was new. I’m sure there’s a story there. I wish I knew that story!

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Snow World

The view on my deck is pretty otherworldly right now. I don’t think it would take much tweaking to turn this into a suitable backdrop for a dystopian SciFi drama. That’s a lawn chair, by the way, under all that wet, heavy snow.

For crying out loud, it’s MARCH! Did somebody not get the memo?

I am SO ready for spring.

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Bride Lights

I attended a wedding a couple of years ago and got lots of snapshots of family members and scenery. This is one of my favorites, though. I caught the bride sipping champagne, silhouetted against the sparkly lights that decorated the wedding hall. Her face isn’t visible, but the lights and candles still evoke excitement and joy. Her new life starts now. Can’t you see it?

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Tough Love

Today is Valentine’s Day. Let me celebrate the tough, enduring love of my wonderful husband of 42 years by sharing this photo, which I took from the cozy warmth of my house. I needed to go to work, so he was up before I was to clear the latest winter storm off our driveway.

Sweet? Not so much. But that, my friends, is true love.

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American Beloved

I almost didn’t post anything for this week’s WordPress photo challenge, because I don’t post recognizable pictures of people on my blog. Then I was at the store and saw the display of which this is a small piece, and decided that would work.

The topic for the week is Beloved. In another couple of weeks we here in the US will be celebrating Valentine’s Day, It’s supposedly a holiday focused on love, but it has become an over-the-top commercialization of flowers, chocolate, and anything pink or red. Worse, it’s become a make-or-break challenge to display one’s love for another in a way that is exactly romantic enough. Lots of folks, mostly men but women as well, are cruising displays like this one right now, wondering whether the heart-shaped chocolates are creamy enough, the heart-stamped gift bag sparkly enough, the red-furred stuffed bear cuddly enough. Then we need to worry about flowers (roses? what color? how many?) and, heaven forbid, jewelry.

Why do we cede our expressions of love to corporations? Because it’s often hard to say what we mean. We’ve bought into the narrative that there’s a language of spending money more important than the language of words. And it’s a loud language: by one estimate Americans are expected to spend almost $20 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts this year. That’s nearly $150 apiece. Is that what love means to us now?

Apparently it is.

I’ve been married for 42 years, and from the beginning of our relationship my husband and I have never felt the need to mark this holiday in any special way. We figure if we love each other, we already know it, and there’s no need for special heart-shaped sparkly gifts on this one day of the year.

However, you choose to celebrate, or not celebrate this holiday of love, I hope that you find love and companionship in your own life. Know that people care about you.

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