Climbing to the Moon

On September 27, 2015 there was a total lunar eclipse, and I went with many other folks to the Strasenburgh Planetarium in Rochester, NY for the event. After a show explaining the science of what was about to happen we climbed up to the roof to watch the real thing through their telescopes. I wasn’t able to get good photos of the eclipse itself with my little phone camera, but I snapped this shot looking back down the stairs. The experience helped me feel connected to my fellow science lovers and to the giant, impartial spin of the cosmos outside our little world. Keep looking up!

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Little Lily

This is my friend’s dog, Lily. She was at a Christmas party yesterday and was delighted by all the people she could make friends with. Especially when it was dinner time and we all had our plates balanced on our knees. Surely someone was going to drop a tidbit for sweet Lily!

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Still Waters

Water lilies only grow where the water is still and quiet, because they are rooted in the soil under the pond with their leaves and flowers floating on the surface. This is one reason they are sometimes symbols of peace. I took this picture at a marina in Gananoque, Ontario, Canada. The boats may range up and down the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario, but here in the marina things are safe and calm.

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They Call it Fall, After All

I’m taking a moment away from family, food, and fun on this day of Thanksgiving to post an image I took just last week. We have some burning bushes in our front yard and love the amazing color they turn each autumn. What fascinated me this time around was watching the color turn gradually from top to bottom. The gorgeous hot red literally fell down from above. I’m glad I found a day dry enough in these wet weeks to snap a picture before it lost all its leaves.

Enjoy the colors, and I hope that, whether you celebrate a holiday today or not, you are able to find gratitude in your life. I always remember a Native American message I heard once: Giving thanks for blessings yet unknown, already on their way. Know that blessings are on their way toward you.

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Here’s my photo experiment, from a couple of months ago when I decided to try my hand at reflection photography. The water is in the marina where we keep our boat, with other boats’ masts reflected in the quiet water between the docks. I kind of like how it came out. What do you think?

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Book Baby’s 4th (Version) Birthday!

I hit a milestone today. My baby book reached its 4th full revision, and I decided it’s mature enough to hit paper! I printed the whole thing out  and had it spiral bound. Now I’m going to sit with a pen in hand and read it, start to finish, making notations but not actually editing anything until I get to the end.

This is the next step in my general revision strategy. One thing cognitive science teaches us is that we don’t ever actually perceive the world. Everything is filtered through our expectations and the mental context we bring to the situation, and this makes things like proofreading or reading critically very hard. I know what I intended to say throughout my story, and that’s going to color my view of what’s there. One way to help fight that is to slow myself down. Switching from screen and keyboard to paper and pen does this, along with changing the fonts and spacing, and reading it in a different room from where my computer is. Once I work my way through the paper version I’ll make the edits electronically, and then Book Baby will reach its 5th version.

The other way to defeat the mental context, of course, is to be a different person. After I’ve gone through it on paper and fixed all the things I mark along the way, I’ll hand it all over to my critique group for their comments, and that will move Book Baby to version 6. After that I’ll broaden the audience, looking for critique partners online who don’t know me. Version 7, version 8 —–  One day I’ll reach a version that’s as good as I and a village of partners can make it. Then it’ll be off to the query process.

But for now, I have to confess to a sincerely giddy feeling, holding my baby book in my hands for the first time. I can’t even imagine what I’ll feel like if it becomes an actual book people can buy, one that’s published and on shelves. I’ll probably have to be sedated.

Gone Swimming

This is a shot I took when some of my family got together last summer in the Adirondacks. My little niece took off her shoes to go swimming, and they looked so poignant. It made me think of my own children, now all grown up, and how fast the years have gone. I enjoy spending time with my adult children and am fortunate that they live nearby so we get together every week, but there are still times when I miss their baby years. When you’re a new parent and they tell you to enjoy every minute you’re too busy, and sleep-deprived, and overwhelmed, and scared, and frantic, to really pay attention, but it’s so true. So true.

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