Autumn, Close Up

The challenge this week from the Lens Artists is about filling the frame. Patti encourages us to get close enough to our subject to really see the details. This is something I’ve always tended to do, so I love this challenge!

The fall colors are just starting to appear now where I live. These are pictures I took last year, after fall really got going. I wasn’t tempted by panoramas of hillsides washed with color. Instead, I got up close and personal with autumn’s beauty.

Closeup of a cluster of bright red/orange maple leavesCloseup of bright red maple leaves, lookind down on a yard strewn with fallen leavesBright red berries dangling from branchesPosted in response to Lens-Artists #66: Filling the Frame, with thanks to Patti for posting this week’s challenge.

They Call it Fall, After All

I’m taking a moment away from family, food, and fun on this day of Thanksgiving to post an image I took just last week. We have some burning bushes in our front yard and love the amazing color they turn each autumn. What fascinated me this time around was watching the color turn gradually from top to bottom. The gorgeous hot red literally fell down from above. I’m glad I found a day dry enough in these wet weeks to snap a picture before it lost all its leaves.

Enjoy the colors, and I hope that, whether you celebrate a holiday today or not, you are able to find gratitude in your life. I always remember a Native American message I heard once: Giving thanks for blessings yet unknown, already on their way. Know that blessings are on their way toward you.

Posted in response to the WordPress photo challenge; Transformation