Creeping Along

In this week’s Lens Artists photo challenge, we’re asked to post our creepy images. At first I thought I wouldn’t have anything, but a browse through my files turned up a few examples.

First, an old photo (so lower resolution) of the dense crop of icicles dangling over a friend’s front porch

A night shot of an inverted forest of iciclesNext, a stark tree on the beach at Pultneyville. Why someone cut the top off but left those two desperate branches, I don’t know. (This is another older photo.)

A dead tree on the beach, with the trunk chopped off 20 feet up and two twisted branches reaching into the airThis shot is from Rush Rhees Library on the campus of the University of Rochester. It’s not in the Ivy League, but you wouldn’t know it from these thick vines, looking stark in winter dormancy.

Thick vines, decorated with a few dried leaves, twist around the corner of this brick buildingFinally, a visitor I found creeping up the molding in my kitchen. Personally, I think it’s gorgeous, but it does, literally, creep!

A bug with an intricately patterned brown shell creeps upward on the door moldingPosted in response to Lens-Artists #71: Creepy, with thanks to Ann-Christine for posting this week’s challenge.

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