The photo challenge this week is for photos of doubles; two similar things in one image. Here are a few examples from my archives.

The flags of two countries fly from this staff at the Navy Point Marina. It’s in the US, but near that border with Canada and frequently visited by Canadian guests. (The small pennant at the top identifies the marina.)

A staff bearing the flags of two countries: Canada and the USA patch of day lilies caught my eye with these two brilliant blooms.

Two brilliant orange daylilies against a field of green leavesThese two charming baby dragon sculptures were the cake toppers at my daughter’s dragon-themed wedding. The groom designed them and had them 3D printed, and the bride painted them.

Two dragon sculptures: one has a wreath of flowers on her head, the other is taking a bite out of his top hat. Their tails curl together to suggest a heart.Posted in response to Lens Artist #69: Seeing Double, with thanks to Tina for this week’s challenge

Live Long and Prosper

I haven’t been posting much lately (it’s been over 3 weeks), for a very good reason: Yesterday my daughter married a wonderful man in a delightful ceremony in an actual planetarium (complete with a star show), followed by a terrific party in the science museum. To give you a bit of a flavor of the day, the pastor’s message began, “You are about to boldly go where many people have gone before,” and everyone got it. He reminded them that they are not Time Lords, so they can’t try to go back and fix the past or skip directly to an imagined future, but have to take the slow way through life side by side. He wished for them that if they get angry and try to hurt each other, their attack rolls should all be botches and their saving throws against heart wounds should all be nat 20s.

The nerdy goodness continued into the reception, with a dragon theme. The couple drank their toasts out of dragon goblets. The most popular favors on the guest tables were the little plastic mini-dragons. They cut the cake with a dragon dagger. Their cake was designed to look like a medieval castle, and these are the cake toppers that were designed by the groom, 3D printed, and painted by the bride:

I was the primary wedding planner for this event, so I’m happy to say that things went off with just a few minor glitches. Everyone had a good time. Most importantly, the young couple were launched into their new life together surrounded by love, laughter, friends, and family. (And dragons.) Now that it’s done, my participation in the rest of my life can resume, and I wish my daughter and her fiance husband the same thing everyone there last night wishes for them: Live long and prosper.