I’d Rather Be…Gaming

I’d rather be…


Table-top, dice-rolling, paper-and-pencil, role-playing games. They are my favorite way to spend time with friends, laughing and arguing and scheming and building a story together. I’ve posted about my love for gaming before (here and here). Those posts all focused on Dungeons and Dragons, the classic game, which I play in both 3.5 and 5th edition. This one focuses on World of Darkness, a different system, which I’ve played in various version (Changeling, Hunter, Vampire, and straight WoD, both Old World and New World). Every Monday and Friday night I get out my character sheets and dice and move into a fantasy world. That’s where I’d rather be!

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Sailing, D&D, and Writing: Two Analogies that can Help with Action – Wednesday Words

I have trouble writing action sequences. Scenes that positively glitter with excitement and portent in my mind sometimes elicit nothing from readers beyond question marks. I’m getting better, though. Here are two analogies and two concrete steps that have helped me write stronger action.

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